Art is a powerful tool for me to express myself. Studying visual arts has allowed me to vastly grow my knowledge of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, carving, photography, digital arts, and traditional arts. I also studied art history to better understand the roots of modern art, the developments, the effects, the causes, and how the arts function in shaping a society. I was eager to learn structured and analytical thinking and how to assess and evaluate artworks. Other than my lessons about the arts and art history, living and studying in two different cultures have helped me to truly apprehend the role of the arts in a society and to experience the obstacles. Traveling and living in California gave me the opportunity to meet many people from different cultures that became a treasure for me. It helped me to change my narrow viewpoint, to become more accepting and understanding, and to cherish differences. To pass on my experience to the next generation I started teaching and volunteering for art, education, and cultural programs and events within varied communities. All my activities help me to develop socially and to fulfill my passion for making a difference.

I have come a long way from being lost in limitations to having a thorough understanding of the arts as a means to awaken and increase awareness. My life, education, work experiences, travels, teaching, and people whom I have met all led me to choose a path that I consider indispensable for myself and for educating my audience.